Consulting Math
Course language: Russian
23.06.18 - 11.08.18

Consulting Math:

No Rocket Science,
but No Right for Mistake Either
Why Consulting Math?
Consulting companies are known to welcome candidates from any professional background, as long as they show a sufficient level of analytical skills. Every decision a consultant makes and proposes to the client should be supported by accurate numbers, figures, graphs and tables. All calculations should be bullet-proof. You have no right for mistakes
Why Prepare?
Schools and universities often don't teach the kind of math that we need at work or to pass a numerical test in a company. Especially under time pressure. To successfully pass such tests you need practice and specific experience solving business-related problems (calculating profits and revenues, quantities of resources, percentages etc.)
Why Fless?
The course was developed in synergy by an ex-McKinsey consultant and a professional instructor and PhD in math. We don't just teach analytical skills, we practice them. Throughout the course we provide analysis of students' strong and weak points to optimise the education process and maximise individual progress. Those who want guided practice, individual feedback and lots of materials are welcome to join the course
Next course dates: June 17 – August 5
30 hours in class with a dedicated online discussion group led by a professional instructor, PhD in mathematics
Structured analysis of major problem types. Solution algorithm for each problem type. Super detailed explanation to ensure understanding by everyone
Material developed by Fless for the purpose of the course. Contains over 500 exercises
Personalised coaching and feedback based on test and homework performance
"Poets" - Liberal Arts Majors
Our course is popular with graduates in liberal arts, who wish to develop math skills they either lost or never had. Skills received in this course can be applied at work and in everyday life
Future Consultants
Employers expect to see strong mathematical and analytical skills in consulting candidates. The course will train you for any selection test with numerical questions (from McKinsey PST to any BIG 4 or FMCG selection test) and will boost your confidence in case interview calculations
Brain Athletes
Math is the best sport for your brain. If you wish to improve the speed and quality of your work with numbers, to level up your mental math, the course will be great for you
Geared at consulting tests and interviews
This course covers the essential math topics for consulting interviews. Whether you are preparing for a test, solving cases, or mastering market sizing questions, this course will develop and polish the required quantitative skills
Personalised approach
The class is at most 10 people, so you are sure to get lots of instructor's attention. You will receive problems based on your own personal weak areas, needs, and skill level
Amazing instructor
The course is co-developed by an ex-McKinsey consultant and taught by a professional math instructor
and a math PhD student
Focus on developing reliable math skills
The topics are not rocket science in theory. However, you need to be 100% correct and extremely fast both in tests and interviews. Achieving this practical excellence in computations is the focus of the course
Encouraged participation
The instructor will explain solutions, tricks, and shortcuts at the beginning of each class. You will then solve your set of questions and present your solutions to the instructor.

Dmitry Sokolov
Instructor and Mentor
Professional math instructor teaching everything from middle-school math problems to advanced math phd courses. Math PhD student at MSU.

Co-developed the course with Victor Rogulenko based on ultimate management consulting requirements.
Discover the course structure

Class #1
Introduction and course overview

Duration: 2 hours
Class structure: Acquaintance of the group with the instructor. Introduction to the structure of the course.
Homework: Entry test

Class #2-4
Precise computation

Duration: 6 hours
Class structure:
- Discussion of entry test results
- Fast computation, percentages, growth coefficients, currency conversion exercises and explanation

Class #5-7

Duration: 6 hours
Class structure:
- Approximation, compound margin, rule 72 exercises and explanation

Class #8-10
Equations and formulae

Duration: 6 hours
Class structure:
- General approach and logical conceptions (Euler diagrams and Dirichlet's principle)

Class #11
Tables: computations

Duration: 2 hours
Class structure: problem solving with regard to different types of tables
Class #12-13
Tables: equations and formulae

Duration: 2 hours
Class structure: problem solving with regard to different types of tables

Class #14
Exhibits and charts

Duration: 4 hours
Class structure:
- Different graph types (bar charts, percentage and scatter plots, buildup charts, etc.)
- Different diagram types

Class #15
Final test

Duration: 2 hours
Class structure:
- Final test and evaluation of progress
- Additional practice on certain subjects


June 23 – August 11
#1 - 23.06, Saturday
#2 - 24.06, Sunday
#3 - 30.06, Saturday
#4 - 1.07, Sunday
#5 - 7.07, Saturday
#6 - 8.07, Sunday
#7 - 14.07, Saturday
#8 - 15.07, Sunday
#9 - 21.07, Saturday
#10 - 22.07, Sunday
#11 - 28.07, Saturday
#12 - 29.07, Sunday
#13 - 4.08, Saturday
#14 - 5.08, Sunday
#15 - 11.08, Saturday
11.00 - 13.00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 10:00 (GMT)
19.00 - 21.00 (GMT+3) / 16:00 - 18:00 (GMT)
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11.00 - 13.00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 10:00 (GMT)
19.00 - 21.00 (GMT+3) / 16:00 - 18:00 (GMT)
11.00 - 13.00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 10:00 (GMT)
RUR 20 000
Equivalent in EUR or USD will be calculated on the day of invoice issuance in accordance with the rate of exchange
We will send payment instructions once we receive your application. International payment is effected through PayPal. Russian and CIS citizens can pay via payment link.
What is the language of instruction?
Is this course for university students or for experienced professionals? Who is a typical student?
While there is no reason why a university student would not succeed in this course (and they often do!), most students in this course are experienced professionals. A typical student is a graduate of a Russian university with a major in economics, finance, or a math-related subject and 2-5 years of experience in audit, FMCG, banking, venture capital, or consulting. Exceptions (university students with no experience, unusual work experience, university major not related to math or economics) do occur about 17% of the time
Where do you get your in-class materials from?
We have developed our own problem sets based on consulting tests and challenging business case questions
What does an online class look like?
Watch this video of an online PST session
Can I skip classes?
Preferably not, but a video recording of each lesson will be accessible to each student on Youtube
How do I sign up?
Fill in the application form, and our admissions team will get back to you
Do you have discounts?
Yes, all Fless alumni get a 10% discount
What homework do you assign?
Finishing problem sets from classes (they are long)
Do you ever enroll more than 10 people in a course?
No. No exceptions, ever
Where will materials be?
All materials will be accessible in online data rooms. We will not use printable material for this course
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